shecco’s ATMOsphere Europe Summary Report now published

21 April 2015

shecco has published the 8th edition of its ATMOsphere Reports, summarising the key outcomes from ATMOsphere Europe 2015. A compilation of the key messages from 60 international speakers, who converged on Brussels to discuss policy developments, market trends and technological advancements, the report confirms that natural refrigerants have reached mainstream status in Europe

In the opening Policy Chapter, the message to manufacturers and end users in the HVAC&R industry from representatives of the European Commission and individual Member States is clear: avoid the use of HFCs. The Market Trends and CO2 Commercial Refrigeration Innovation chapters confirm the widespread availability of natural refrigerant technology, including technologies to facilitate the improved efficiency of CO2 systems in warmer ambient climates. Gas ejectors and parallel-compression are just some of the solutions predicted to sound the death knell for the continually diminishing ‘CO2 equator’.


In the commercial and domestic heat pump and food service sectors hydrocarbons, too, are said to be experiencing significant market growth. Solutions for a wide range of applications from plug-ins, ultra-low refrigeration systems, and water fountains are describes in chapters on Hydrocarbon Compressors and Technologies for the Food Service Sector, and Domestic & Commercial Heat Pump Technologies.


In the final Industrial Refrigeration, Cooling & Heating chapter, cutting edge ammonia heat pumps for hot water production are showcased whilst the virtues of water as a highly efficient refrigerant are extolled.


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