Food Lion explains how one of the largest U.S. retailers opted for CO2 in September issue of Accelerate America

15 September 2015

Food Lion, one of the largest U.S. retailers, discusses the strategy behind its decision to test a radically different refrigeration system that employs only carbon dioxide as its refrigerant in the September issue of Accelerate America, which was published online this week.

Produced by shecco, the worldwide expert in natural refrigerant news, Accelerate America is the first monthly news magazine written for and about the most progressive business leaders working with climate-friendly natural refrigerants in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 


Accelerate America is viewable online at no charge at In addition, print editions of the magazine are distributed at major North American trade shows and to key players in, and served by, the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) and refrigeration industries.


In the September issue (No. 8), Food Lion executives Wayne Rosa and Susan Sollenberger describe the retailer’s expectations for its first transcritical CO2 system, which will be used to refrigerate products at a new store opening in the fourth quarter in Southport, N.C. The system represents the culmination of a decade-long examination of CO2 refrigeration technology as the chain seeks an efficient, future-proof solution that will be immune to regulatory changes.


The September issue also covers Canadian retailer Sobeys’ decision to employ a new efficiency-measuring tool called System Efficiency Index (SEI) and the quest of Lawson, a major Japanese convenience store retailer, to become the world’s leading user of natural refrigerants. Other articles include coverage of shecco’s ATMOsphere America 2015 conference on natural refrigerants; a look at the recent settlement between the Department of Energy and the AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute) over new efficiency regulations; and the relaunch of shecco’s 'The Natural Voice' initiative to promote natural refrigerants globally.


The mission of the Accelerate America is to advance adoption of natural refrigerants - such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, propane, isobutane, water and air – by informing readers about how they are being used in HVAC and refrigeration applications across industries in North America.


“Natural refrigerant-based technologies are disrupting the HVAC&R industry in North America,” said Marc Chasserot, publisher of Accelerate America and managing director, shecco. “Behind this wave of innovation are people with brilliant and creative ideas who are designing and using functioning technologies in brand new ways to meet exciting new business opportunities. These are the people, ideas and technologies we want to cover in Accelerate America.”


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Press Release: Food Lion explains how one of the largest U.S. retailers opted for CO2 in September issue of Accelerate America