United States Cold Storage’s Industry-Changing Refrigeration Strategy Detailed in April Issue of shecco’s Accelerate America Magazine

23 April 2015

With a special focus on Accelerate America shows how cold-storage warehouses are upturning established norms with low-charge ammonia systems. United States Cold Storage now has almost a third of its 35 facilities running on a cascade ammonia-CO2 system; Los Angeles Cold Storage has invented a low-charge modular unit that it’s marketing to the industry as NXTCOLD; and Plaisirs Gastronomiques plans to use CO2 and ice slurry as refrigerants. Read about ammonia expert Pega Hrnjak’s predictions and the latest equipment advances at the IIAR Conference, Seafood Expo, ATMOsphere Europe.

United States Cold Storage provides an in-depth look into its pioneering ammonia-carbon dioxide refrigeration system in the April issue of Accelerate America, which was published online this week.


Produced by shecco, the worldwide expert in natural refrigerant news, Accelerate America is the first monthly news magazine written for and about the most progressive business leaders working with climate-friendly natural refrigerants in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Accelerate America is viewable online at no charge at http://accelerate.shecco.com. In addition, print editions of the magazine will be distributed at key North American trade shows.


In the April issue (No. 5), US Cold Storage’s Vice President of Engineering, Mike Lynch, explains why the company decided to defy established norms in industrial refrigeration and install an ammonia/carbon dioxide refrigeration system in 11 of its 35 refrigerated warehouses over the past decade. In addition, John Scherer of Los Angeles Cold Storage describes what motivated him to invent a low-charge-ammonia system for his company, which he is now bringing to the marketplace as NXTCOLD. Another low-charge-ammonia provider, Derek Hamilton of Azane, reveals his company’s market strategy. And Jeff Gingras of Systemes LMP talks about the hybrid natural-refrigerant solution he brought to the refrigerated warehouse operated by Canadian food producer Plaisirs Gastronomiques.


The April issue also features an in-depth interview with Professor Pega Hrnjak of the University of Illinois, a leading expert on ammonia refrigeration. Also covered are three major trade shows, the IIAR Conference and Exposition, the Seafood Expo and shecco’s ATMOsphere Europe, as well an analysis of the regulations and standards impacting industrial refrigeration. And Joe Sanchez of compressor maker Bitzer U.S. discusses the company’s all-of-the-above approach to ammonia refrigeration.


The mission of Accelerate America is to advance adoption of natural refrigerants -- such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, propane, isobutane, water and air – by informing readers about how they are being used in HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration) applications across industries in North America.


“Natural refrigerant-based technologies are disrupting the HVAC&R industry in North America,” said Marc Chasserot, publisher of Accelerate America and managing director, shecco. “Behind this wave of innovation are people with brilliant and creative ideas who are designing and using functioning technologies in brand new ways to meet exciting new business opportunities. These are the people, ideas and technologies we want to cover in Accelerate America.”



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Press Release: United States Cold Storage’s Industry-Changing Refrigeration Strategy Detailed in April Issue of shecco’s Accelerate America Magazine