Global HFC phase-down – Seizing the opportunity to mainstream natural refrigerants

05 October 2016

With a crucial Montreal Protocol meeting in Kigali just a few days away, shecco is proud to launch the second edition of The Natural Voice magazine. The publication comes with the world on the brink of closing a deal to cut down HFCs – creating new opportunities for natural refrigerants worldwide.

On 10-14 October, close to 200 countries will gather in Kigali, Rwanda for the 28th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP28). International negotiators will seek to reach an agreement on phasing down climate-damaging hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) under the Montreal Protocol. An ambitious phase-down deal in Kigali would significantly contribute to achieving the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement last year. It would inevitably change the face of the global HVAC&R industry and create a new marketplace for natural refrigerant solutions.

In anticipation of this historic agreement, shecco is publishing the second issue of The Natural Voice magazine, entitled ‘Mainstreaming Natural Refrigerants’. The magazine showcases examples of installations using natural refrigerants around the world, including in the Gambia, Jordan, South Africa, China, Thailand, Tanzania and Saudi Arabia. It demonstrates that natural refrigerants have the potential to become a global phenomenon and are on the way to becoming mainstream under the future global agreement.

“Widely used in industrial refrigeration, domestic refrigerators, or light-commercial equipment, HFC-free substances have long been a market-ready solution to never-ending iterations of ozone-depleting or high global warming refrigerants,” says Nina Masson, publisher of The Natural Voice magazine. “Now natural refrigerants are ready to step up to the plate once again,” she adds.

Case studies demonstrate viability of natural refrigerants

Case studies outlined in the magazine show that natural refrigerants are being deployed in a growing number of applications, including hydrocarbons in industrial refrigeration, CO2 and ammonia in commercial refrigeration, ammonia in vaccine coolers, water in air-conditioning, and many others.

shecco is attending the 28th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol between 10-14 October in Kigali. Printed copies of The Natural Voice magazine will be distributed to international negotiators during the meeting, with the aim of highlighting the potential of natural refrigerants to be applied as long-term, energy-efficient HVAC&R solutions across the world.  

Global initiative supported by 109 signatories

Currently supported by 109 signatories from all over the world, the Natural Voice is the world’s most important industry-led statement calling on national governments to fully exploit and acknowledge the potential for natural refrigerants to replace climate-damaging HFCs across industries, applications and regions.

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The Natural Voice #2